Meeting the demands of the global energy challenge

The Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO) registered in Jordan in 2009 to explore for and evaluate the commercial potential of the deeper layers of Jordanian oil shale. In the success case JOSCO will use its proprietary "In Situ Conversion Process" (ICP) technology to produce oil and gas that would not otherwise be producible using currently available oil shale technologies.
JOSCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc and as such has access to a network of experts worldwide providing invaluable technical know-how, operational expertise, cutting-edge research capabilities and global commercial insight.
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A fine-grained sedimentary rock containing kerogen that, when heated, breaks down into crude oil and natural gas.                        

Our aspired presence in  Jordan is long-term with the initial Appraisal period forming only the second step towards a full-scale commercial project.

JOSCO fosters constructive, and  enduring relationships with local communities, civil societies and local governmental agencies through constructive dialogue and joint social investment projects