The Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, registered in the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan in 2009 to search for and evaluate the commercial potential of the deeper layers of Jordanian oil shale. The long-term success of the project depends on the outcome of a number of defined consecutive project periods potentially leading to a commercial project in the future. Such a project would use an enhanced production technology called In-Situ Conversion Process (ICP).

JOSCO was granted a large concession agreement to explore and has committed to relinquishing areas back to the government along with oil shale data it gathered through exploration operations. Thereby, increasing the government’s knowledge about its resources. The long-term success of JOSCO’s project would mark not only a significant advance in the development of the oil shale industry in Jordan, but also an expansion of local expertise and economic growth.

The agreement signed in 2009 between the Jordanian Government and JOSCO, The Oil Shale Concession Agreement (OSCA), is aligned with Jordan’s energy master plan that includes developing the country’s indigenous oil shale resources. JOSCO is looking forward to play a sustainable role in facing Jordan's energy challenge and building a responsible energy future.