Jordan & the Global Challenge

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a forward-looking country of nearly six million people situated in the Arab Levant. Unlike many of its neighbours, Jordan was not gifted with large conventional oil and gas resources. It was, however, gifted with talented people and potentially significant deposits of oil shale. Jordan has recognised the challenge ahead and has developed an energy master plan identifying opportunities to improve the country’s energy infrastructure and to encourage investments in renewable energy projects and in developing the country’s indigenous energy resources such as oil shale.

The concession agreement signed between the Government of Jordan and JOSCO is aligned with meeting the global challenge and Jordan’s energy vision. If JOSCO were successful in developing a commercially viable oil shale project, such a project would represent a significant foreign direct investment and the creation of an important new source of revenue for the nation. It would also significantly contribute to the development of a domestic supply of energy, the expansion of local expertise and economic growth in parallel.

JOSCO follows the same response as Shell towards the global energy challenge. By being a trusted partner with government and society, JOSCO is operating in the Kingdom to play a sustainable role in facing "Jordan’s" energy challenge and building a responsible energy future for the long term.