Field Operations

Jordan’s varying topography combined with the website time constraints of drilling in such diverse locations presents serious logistical challenges. In order to maximize productivity without compromising employee safety or the environment, JOSCO has been meticulous in choosing the type of technology we use, and in choosing and training the staff that operates it.

JOSCO employs state of the art universal drilling rigs, which use wireline coring and reverse circulating modes that are capable of both air and fluid drilling.  JOSCO also owns and operates all corresponding equipment such as maintenance hangars, state of the art heavy-duty off-road trucks, expedition vehicles, wireline units, a mobile workshop and more.

Rigorously trained Jordanian personnel, expert drilling planners and supervisors as well as worldwide access to a multitude of technologies and operational expertise has enabled JOSCO to productively explore a vast area in a short time span.

To ensure safety, location specific software has been developed to support monitor and manage entire fleet movements. This ranges from driver records to vehicle scheduling, from preventative maintenance through to administration of waybills. Furthermore, all operations are discussed daily and continuously monitored to assure the highest value of Quality Assurance.

In order to reduce our environmental impact, all operations are carried out with minimal water usage, minimal surface disturbance and only fully bio-degradable drilling fluid additives are used. Complete site restorations are then performed each time a rig is moved.

JOSCO’s goal is to deliver a high number of ultra low-cost wells in a short period of time, to overcome all arising challenges and obstacles with zero safety incidents while simultaneously limiting environmental impact. This seems to be an unimaginable task; however, JOSCO continues to discover that the heart of innovation lies at the attempt of the impossible.