JOSCO owns one of the most advanced geochemical and geological laboratories unrivaled in the Middle East. JOSCO's GeoLab has several key objectives including safety as its top priority. The GeoLab portrays a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge geological and geochemical analysis with the highest quality possible.

Rock & core processing analysis in our facilities goes through many processes to understand the oil shale samples gathered through operations. A distinguishing characteristic of the GeoLab is its dedicated and efficient team of Jordanian engineers, geologists and technicians. The cutting-edge geologic and geochemical capability include geochemical analysis with core reservoir properties which analyze the porosity, permeability and grain density to have a deeper understanding of the oil shale samples.

Rock  processing and data generation of the highest quality is ensured through the use of international work practices and calibration standards for all procedures and instruments. Rigorous protocols have been established and regular benchmarking with external laboratories to ensure consistency.

JOSCO's GeoLab results are impressive, during the initial Assessment Phase, has processed and analyzed over 120,000 samples in its first 3 years of operations with no safety incidents. All data acquired during the Assessment period are being handed over to the Jordanian Government.