Resource Evaluation

To optimally develop and produce oil using ICP technology requires a deep understanding of the extent, richness, and thickness of the oil shale.  Through JOSCO’s field operations, samples and data are collected that provide the knowledge and understanding required.

Exploration holes are logged to determine the top and bottom of the oil shale layer. Cores or drilled cuttings collected from the subsurface are sent to JOSCO’s laboratories to determine their organic quantity and quality. JOSCO is proud to have established oil shale analytical laboratories in Jordan with unrivaled capabilities in the Middle East.
Unlocking the potential of oil shale resources requires a deeper understanding of their formation and spatial rock kinetics. These properties affect the rock’s petroleum yield and its ability to deliver petroleum to the wellbore. To better understand Jordan’s oil shale resources, JOSCO uses cutting-edge numerical modeling technologies to combine geo-mechanical and geographical data and construct a predictive 4-dimensional model of Jordan’s oil shale layers.
Through JOSCO’s advanced modeling techniques and innovation, JOSCO has created the first ever country-wide subsurface model of Jordan’s oil shale resources and has its own 3-dimensional visualization facility.