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Orange Jordan is the Exclusive Provider for JOSCO

Orange Jordan recently signed a partnership agreement with the Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, upon which Orange Jordan exclusively provides the latter with Integrated  telecommunication services; ultimate business mobile lines, internet leased lines, landlines (PRI), global MPLS solution to support JOSCO’s Vehicle Tracking System by using Orange’s data mobile lines machine-to-machine technology (M2M).

The agreement was signed on behalf of Orange Jordan by its Vice President and CEO of Jordan Data communication Company Ltd. Sami Smeirat and on behalf of JOSCO by its General Manager Thomas Meijssen.

Sami Smeirat affirmed that the partnership serves to echo Orange Jordan’s commitments to supporting all service sectors in Jordan. The company is keen on making Jordan stand out on the regional map of telecommunications, as the hub of pioneering connectivity and telecommunication services.

Sami Smeirat further stated that Orange Jordan will be providing JOSCO with services that adhere to the cutting edge of technology standards adopted around the globe. These services will secure both a competitive edge and unprecedented levels of operational efficiency for the company, exclusive report from dr. ed as they promise the highest levels of value, security, efficiency, and speed.

From his end Thomas Meijssen commented that “JOSCO is looking forward for a fruitful relationship with Orange Jordan to provide its communication services for not only JOSCO’s offices but also for its field operations”. 


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