We are judged by how we act - our reputation is upheld by how we observe core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. This is our responsibility.

JOSCO recognizes five stakeholders within this responsibility:

  1. To shareholders
  2. To customers
  3. To employees
  4. To those with whom we do business
  5. To society

It is the duty of management to continuously assess these priorities and discharge these inseparable responsibilities on the basis of that assessment.

JOSCO’s Eight Business Principles are applied to all our business affairs, internally and externally, and describe the behavior expected of every employee. These principles also demonstrate the importance we place on promoting trust, openness, teamwork, professionalism, and pride in all we do.

As part of a global group of companies we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen, to listen and respond to various points of view. We practice a high international standard of responsible care in our operations and promote sustainable development. This requires balancing short and long term interests and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into business decision-making.

Before embarking on any project period, poste JOSCO performs a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) study of the activities for each phase. These impact assessments must first receive the green light from the relevant Jordanian authorities (i.e. The Ministry of Environment) before licenses and permits are granted for any work in that period.

For further details on JOSCO's Business Principles click below:
JOSCO General Business Principles