Health, Security, Safety and Environment


JOSCO holds employee Health, Security, Safety, Environmental protection (HSSE) and biodiversity preservation as our highest priorities. This is reflected not only in our preferred technology choices such as the In-Situ Conversion Process but also in the meticulous planning, research, reports, rules and regulation that goes into each activity.

We are working to keep our employees safe by focusing on compliance and tackling the cultural issues that can lead to unsafe behavior. Our Goal Zero program and supporting company-wide initiatives are helping to strengthen our safety culture. Our mandatory “12 Life-Saving Rules” reinforce what employees and local contractors must know and do to prevent serious injury or fatality.



For each phase of development, JOSCO carries a detailed ESHIA Study, studying and assessing the impact of the project on environmental, social and health aspects on the local communities, then accordingly proposes mitigation measures to minimize any impacts from its operations.

Road exposure presents the greatest risk to the safety of JOSCO employees. As part of JOSCO's road safety management, JOSCO has successfully applied many innovative road safety procedures, technologies and systems to affirm JOSCO’s commitment to safety.

To promote JOSCO's innovation  and the Goal Zero program, JOSCO has introduced a new detailed country-wide Communication, Accessibility and Proximity (CAP) map, which is a map database based on a Geographic Information System analyses used to document the safest driving routes to rig locations. This map also identifies emergency centers such as the nearest police office, hospital and civil defense.