Social Investments & Partners

In 2011, JOSCO began a number of Social Investment (SI) Projects with credible partners in Jordan. The purpose of our SI projects is to maximize the value of our presence within Jordan. The main focus areas for JOSCO’s SI campaigns are Human Capacity Development, The Environment and Road Safety. Our SI Projects are carried out through partnerships with:


Established SI Projects

Student Research Sponsorship in Collaberation with KAFD:

In 2011-2013, JOSCO sponsored 3rd and 4th year Jordanian university student’s research in collaboration with The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD). These research projects may be used to help in the sustainable development of acheter du cialis Jordan and are primarily based in the fields of water, energy & environment and other relative research.

JOSCO Awards:                                      

Late 2013, JOSCO launched the Student Awards initiative in partnership with two prominent local universities, Hashemite University and Jordan University of Science and Technology. The purpose of this initiative is to help further student research in the fields of Water, Energy & Environment and to push forward Human Capital Development in parallel. Providing students with the opportunity to present innovative applied research projects that offer practical applications and solutions to the challenges faced by the Kingdom of Jordan.


HFDB Pastoral Reserve:

JOSCO has collaborated with The Hashemite Fund for Development of Badia (HFDB), to promote Water Harvesting, Sand Dams and Grazing Projects that directly benefit the local communities in the Jordanian Badia.


Road Safety:

JOSCO places safety and road safety as our top priority. We have developed a very strong relationship with Jordan’s Traffic Department, to promote Road Safety Awareness via 15 videos for use in training and raising awareness. These videos cover themes that include the importance of wearing seat belts, the danger of mobile phones while driving & driver fatigue.